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The mayor of Chenzhou came to visit PetroAsian

May 24, 2012,Qu Hai,the mayor of Hunan province Chenzhou City came to visit PetroAsian(HK).Group ...


Ksar Hadada Civil Works

PetroAsian Energy and its Ksar Hadada Partners have started preparing the drill site for drilling...


Production Plans For Qiqihar Oilfields

Our Qiqihar management team, General Manager Cao Quan, Operation Manager Sun Yong Guang, and Acco...


PetroAsian Beijing Technical Conference

In mid December 2009, PetroAsian and BGP International hosted a technical conference regarding th...

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PetroAsian is an integrated natural resources company, specializing in oil production & exploration and trading. The company has assets in China and Tunisia.

Tunisia, North Africa

PetroAsian Energy stepped into the international energy arena by participating in the Ksar Hadada Permit in 2009.

Qiqihar, China

PetroAsian Energy is currently producing crude oil from its Fu 710 oil field located in Qiqihar, China